Knock Down Rebuild Specialists

With Upmarket Homes you have the opportunity to design a special custom home that is personal to your family and suits all of your needs, whilst also capturing the benefits of your specific site.

This is a very attractive option as it allows you stay at your current location and can mean fewer expenses and much less family stress.

Before deciding to demolish your existing residence, there are many aspects that need to be considered to maximize your investment.

From an Upmarket Homes point of view, we would begin by looking at the existing bones of the building and ask the question, can this be extended and renovated where it is financially viable? Only then can you make educated decisions based on all the facts.

Our in-house designer can then realize how additions or modifications may improve the existing plan, and create a new function and space to enjoy, whilst providing a fresh new look that will be enjoyed by the whole family for many years.

In many scenario’s it could potentially be more expensive to extend or renovate than a knock down and rebuild.

With a knock down rebuild you start with an empty canvass, it becomes something new and you have a major input into your own custom design that suites your family requirements and maximizes the site benefits.

Upmarket Homes are a multiple HIA & MBA Award Winner and finalist for 26 years, we specialize in providing stunning individual designed homes, backed by the highest quality construction.


  • Complete new custom design home, instead of half old;
  • Energy efficient new home; enjoy warm winter’s and cool summers
  • Comparable costs to an extension and renovation
  • Stay in the same street and neighbourhood you love and your children have grown up in;
  • Stay close to the kids schools and friends
  • Stay on your spacious block of land with established trees
  • Save thousands on the stamp duty on buying another property:
  • Save thousands on agents selling costs;
  • Optimize the equity you have in your land.