Sloping Block House Designs

Sloping and reasonably steep blocks come with their own distinctive set of challenges and what Upmarket Homes refer to as ‘opportunities’!

Upmarket Homes consider the design and constructability viewpoint as working together on both achieves a better outcome for our clients, specifically in price as we don’t design homes that are not within our clients preferred budgets and discussions.

Upmarket Homes split level custom designs require specific experienced skills, knowledge, and expertise to fully take advantage of site specific opportunities when designing a home.


Designing a split level home for a sloping block is a dynamic process, creating better outcomes for clients and leading to unique outcomes and spaces beyond that of the standard site.
In the ACT there are many new mandatory design rules that can be applied to the slope of the block; our in-house designer needs to take into consideration height restrictions (solar canopy), overshadowing, drainage issues and maximum cuts to the block.

Designing custom split level homes for sloping blocks requires expertise and meticulous planning. An Upmarket Homes specialty.


Upmarket Homes has a 26 year history in designing, costing & constructing custom design split level homes on sloping land. Our in-house designer completes a comprehensive process of investigation to fully understand the site prior to commencing the design process itself, Including:

*Site feasibility; Split level custom designs that maximize the site whilst being mindful of our clients preferred budgets.

*compliance with council regulations/ ACTPLA

*Understanding the complexity of build site issues- e.g. site access > especially now with many blocks ranging in size from 450m2 – 650m2 becoming standard.

> trees have a major impact if not dealt with correctly at an early stage of design.

>easements, current driveway locations.

This initial process defines the parameters to enable our in-house designer to commence work on preliminary custom designs that responds to the opportunities of the site and also providing the client with a realistic project budget to work with.

Features and Benefits

  • Prominent street appeal
  • Take advantage of surrounding views
  • Elevated design
  • Increased real estate value of your property.
  • Better drainage solutions.
  • Optimized cross-ventilation of air. Stay cool in the summer!