Each year, the Housing Industry Association (HIA) hosts prestigious industry awards for the best builders and designers in Australia to showcase their work from the previous year.

Judging criteria included environmental design, features and construction, innovation, visual appeal, liveability, and cost-effectiveness. When it comes to multi-dwelling residential projects, these typically can be either dual occupancy (two homes on a single allotment), villas (one storey), townhouses (two-three storey), or terrace housing. 

Upmarket Homes is proud to be named the runner-up for the category Multi Dwelling Development in the Australian Greensmart Awards within the ACT, Southern NSW category. Our recognised project in Chifley created two homes ready for families to move in and immediately benefiting from the premium comfort and sustainability of the builds. 

Our awards submission 

As part of the Multi Dwelling Development category, we submitted our multi-unit development located in Chifley at 33 MacLaurin Crescent and 26 Pollock Street. The goal was to create two completely different, energy-efficient, easy to live in homes that fit in with the existing streetscape. 

26 Pollock Street and 33 MacLaurin Crescent are located on two separate streets, sharing a boundary line. Subdivision of the original block created the individual unique homes that they are today.  

Street view of 26 Pollock Street, Chifley
Street view of 33, MacLaurin Crescent, Chifley

Energy Efficiency Rating score and inclusions 

Both homes achieved a high Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) score with 26 Pollock Street achieving a 8-star EER while 33 MacLaurin Crescent achieved a 7-star EER. Sometimes the situation of the home and design choices can impact the EER. The covered alfresco at the MacLaurin Crescent sheltered the home from some of the natural light from the north/east side of the home. 

We included energy-saving technologies in these homes to achieve such high EERs: 

Electricity and smart technology 

Water efficiency 

Recycling and resource efficiency 

Indoor air quality protection 

Site management techniques 

Innovation at Upmarket Homes

While we’re always told that looks aren’t everything, we didn’t miss a beat on the aesthetics of the design of these homes. When it comes to street appeal, it was important to ensure that the houses were left on a single level, making them accessible to everyone. 

Achieving a grand façade for each entrance was a high priority for us. We used the same materials across both entrances but achieved very different designed outcomes using different colours and textures. 

Removing all gas components from these homes was a tough call to make, but as the ACT positions towards phasing out gas, the homes are positioned for the future. All electric homes avoid the hefty costs of utilising gas and can easily accommodate a solar panel system that can significantly reduce the energy consumption from the grid. 

Liveability and cost-effectiveness 

Sustainability is at the forefront of what we do when it came to the design and construction of any home we build. The owners have loved the thermal comfort and low energy consumption of their new home. 

Staying within budget is of the utmost importance to us as well as the client. We achieved this by providing the owners with a fixed price agreement to ensure peace of mind with no hidden surprises. 

If you’re looking for the best residential builders in Canberra and would like to make your dream home a reality, contact us at Upmarket Homes.